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1964 Gebre Aregawi's Hopes - An essay written for Haile Selassie I University students newspaper "Something"

Freshman student - Re-published for Addis Ababa University 50th Anniversary 

Courtesy - Proff. Emeritus Bahru Zewde


1967 – Letter to the Editor – Ethiopian Herald – A letter requesting donations to build the Benshangul Library – Benshangul – Assosa, Wollega – while on National Service Duty -third year student Haile Selassie I University

Courtesy – Ato. Fentahun Tiruneh – Library of Congress Archives

Letter requesting donations to build Benshangul Library - published in Struggle HIS University student newspaper – “Struggle”

May 7th, 2021 - Haki Berhanemeskel's speech delivered at the ዳኛው ማነው? book launch - On How to Make Sense of History

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